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Please feel free to use the following.  Once delegates have learnt the basics of the G.R.O.W model it is great to give them the opportunity to practise.  Setting this scenario on a pirate ship does two things, firstly it allows the delegates to practise the skills they have learnt without getting bogged down in company politics or jargon and secondly it is a bit of fun!  We usualy do this one as a 'Tag' role-play.
Enjoy!  If you need more help running this role-play please call:

Performance In Training: +44 (0) 1380739579
Coaching for Pirates
Coaching for Pirates

It is the year 1716 and you are the Captain of the ‘The Black Skull’, a pirate ship sailing out of Nassau in the Bahamas.  You are one ship in a small fleet of six ships that make up Blackbeard Enterprises (Acquisitions and Mergers) Inc. The CEO of Blackbeard Enterprises (Acquisitions and Mergers) Inc. is the infamous pirate captain Edward Teach (Black Beard).
You have been a very successful Captain and have raided your way throughout the Caribbean taking many valuable prizes, which has made your crew very happy. You are a fair Captain who does not believe in killing the sailors on the ships you attack as long as they surrender and hand over their cargo without too much trouble.  In fact several of your crew have joined you from such ships.  You have a crew of thirty-two, many of whom only speak English as a second language.

Three months ago you appointed a new Quartermaster Sam ‘Sideways’ Starling. Since making this appointment your ship has been beached for ‘Careening’ (having the hull scraped to clean away barnacles and give more speed in the water).  During this time it has been necessary for you to spend a lot of time with the ships carpenter and the ships sailing master coordinating repairs and tackling the finer sailing points of the ship.  You feel that you have neglected your new Quartermaster during this crucial time for him in his new role.  You have decided that it is time to put this right and use the G.R.O.W model and your Empathetic listening skills to have a coaching session with the Quartermaster.

A copy of the Responsibilities of the Quartermaster is attached at Appendix A.


Appendix A
Responsibilities of the quartermaster aboard the
Black Skull

1.  The quartermaster shall be responsible for the division of treasure among the crew as follows:
  • Sixteen percent of all bounty for the Captain.
  • Eight percent of all bounty for Blackbeard Enterprises Inc
  • Sixteen percent of all bounty held in contingency for ship stores etc.
  • Ten percent of all bounty given over to the port of Nassau for safe harbor.
  • Fifty percent divided into shares as follows:
  • Five shares to the quartermaster.
  • Four shares to the sailing master.
  • Two shares per leading seaman.
  • One share per able seaman.
  • Half share for cabin boy.

2.  The quartermaster shall be responsible for sorting all leads on potential prize ships in the area and giving the Captain a prioritized ‘to do’ list.     
3.  The quartermaster shall be responsible for relaying orders from the Captain to all members of the crew.

4.  The quartermaster shall be responsible for ensuring that orders from the Captain are carried out in good time and in good order.
5.  The quartermaster shall be responsible for liaising with port authorities in Nassau (the customer) and negotiating the best price for all plunder.
6.  The quartermaster shall be responsible for the moral of the crew.  It is the quartermaster’s responsibility to ensure that the crew work as a team.
7.  The quartermaster may delegate such duties as he/she sees fit to leading seamen deemed capable of taking such responsibility, however the quartermaster shall remain accountable to the Captain, and Crew, for all of the above duties.                                              

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