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Real Play

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It’s always good to try out Difficult Conversations in a supportive environment. Real Play is a technique where participants are encouraged to describe a real problem they are having, or have had, at work.  It is a laboratory where they can explore new and different approaches.  Business Actors play the person in question often using the Social Styles model to gain fast and valuable character information. The Business Actor could be asked to portray anything from the office bully to the meek and mild team member. In any situation where a Difficult Conversation is required Real Play is a great tool for improving outcomes.  Real Play is a participant led activity.  In this way the skills and behaviours practised and exhibited are those most relevant to the participant’s needs.  Real Play is best used in small groups with the Business Actor/Facilitator using good feedback facilitation skills and a coaching style to guide the participant to a positive outcome.  Real Play is a positive tool for impacting  on the well-being and productivity of individuals and the organisations in which they work. It is important that all the scenarios used in Real Play are treated confidentially and it goes without saying that Performance In Training carries out this work in a safe, supportive way.

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