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Why Use Actors?

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There are many good reasons to use Business Actors from Performance In Training.  Here are just a few:

  • The PiT Business Actor is an 'outsider' to your organisation and therefore comes to the process from a purely objective point of view.
  • PiT Business Actors are highly trained communicators
  • PiT Business Actors are concerned with the goals of the training session while engaging emotionally
  • PiT Business Actors give constructive feedback to aid ongoing development,
  • PiT Business Actors use a coaching style to help participants achieve positive outcomes
  • PiT Business Actors maintain confidentiality and discretion within training groups
  • Key Learnings can be gained from fellow participants, PiT Business Actors and Trainer giving a 360 degree approach

But don't just take our word for it.........

I strongly recommend Performance In Training's work. We have worked together on a number of occasions (12+) and each and every time they have exceeded my expectations. They are able to work in both a planned and prepared way or improvised. They have helped me create some very strong and powerful learning experiences that the participants remember years later.
John Walsh
Change Management Consultant

"Performance In Training provide excellent business actors who can adapt quickly to the needs of delegates and trainers. They combine their acting skills with coaching skills, helping delegates to learn the correct methods for interviewing. Easy to work with, great results."
Jim Johnston
Training Manager 
UL University

Or see for yourself.........